Wedding Cinematography in Bangalore, Cinematography is an art, shooting with good cinematic style. The Wedding Highlights you see on our website. We will start at the beginning of each wedding with all sorts of moments and Décor Shot.  When we shoot cinematically, we capture a moments (groom and bride smiling at each other, some rituals, etc.) and then move around to get other interesting/creative angles with Cinematic style. While our Wedding Cinematographers are moving around to capture those Interesting different angles and perspectives, they record only best moments, not entire event. However, there are some parts speeches etc. where we will capture the entire moment. When we are moving around, we are not shooting video the entire time. But this method allows us to get those interesting shots in your wedding video unique and interesting to watch it. All time we move around to get those creative angles. For this technique, we use a digital file-based DSLR camera with different art lenses that can get some amazing depth of field shots in wedding films. Each wedding is unique style and every couple has their own requirement, so it is good to talk with us before wedding Event about the vision you have for your wedding film and cinematic style of capturing in your wedding day is what gives our wedding films a unique look and feel.