Marriage Photography Bangalore  | Muslims Wedding across the country come from all different customs and traditions would be unique and specific to the region. The wedding Ceremony begins with the Mangni (engagement ceremony), Manjha (Haldi ceremony), Mehendi, Shukrana the family of the groom would send clothes and jewellery for the bride. The bride would have to wear this during the wedding day.

The wedding day functions include the Nikah, the main wedding ceremony where the couple would sit down before a priest and there would be some verses read out from the Holy Quran. A very important part of any Muslim wedding, the signing of the binding contract has to be captured. This is one of the most important things of any Muslim wedding and after the Nikah ceremony, the bride and the groom has to sign this contract. The post-wedding functions, where the bride bids farewell to her family and is welcomed to her new home. Her mother-in-law would gift her the Holy Quran. The last function would be the Valima, a party that’s hosted by the groom’s family. The stage decoration done for this Muslim wedding is all things glamorous and stunning. Right from the flowers in the backdrop to the flower vases and of course the stylish couple. And Family and friends would get together to wish the couple. And last couple they have done it right by posing in the best way possible for some fantastic wedding day

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