We typically shadow the couple as closely as possible while being hypersensitive to behind-the-scenes moments and emotions that occur spontaneously. These make the best wedding memories. This is largely photojournalistic to an extent – but we also like making gorgeous looking wedding photos for which we may direct and set the scene to an extent we believe that a successful wedding assignment needs a mixture of all of this, and a responsible photographer should be adaptable enough to deliver a mix of genres.
I started shooting weddings way back in 2015 , Since then, I’ve shot hundreds of love stories – and look forward to being a part of yours!
I started shooting weddings way back in 2015 , Since then, I’ve shot hundreds of love stories – and look forward to being a part of yours!
I take up only one wedding at a time to ensure our full attention on you. I will always lead the team and be at your wedding. In addition to them, our team of wedding professionals Photography, Videography and assistants.
Yes, we absolutely do! As a matter of fact, we recommend hiring just us to shoot both the groom’s and the bride’s family. It’s an absolute waste of resources to have two separate teams to essentially the same thing. We have enough resources in-house to be able to cover your entire wedding from start to finish.
We have a completely cloud-based delivery system (Google Drive or wetransfer). Your wedding Images and Video will be uploaded to a shared drive that can be shared with your family and friends. Final delivery of high-resolution images and video will be sent to you on a pen drive
We believe in telling a complete story so, on average, we deliver between 500-700 images from a two-day wedding, and between 700-900 images from a three-day wedding and  Selection Process: - We rejected photos – bad expressions, bad lighting, and distractions in the frame and so on.  The rest of the photos are manually selected, color corrected to tell a story if needed and marked for final delivery
Yes, all images provided to you will be edited/retouch to match the vision we had for each photo. All the good images from the wedding will be color corrected to add to the wow factor and mostly involves using a color that we love. To get a general idea of our editing style, please go through our portfolio on this website
The decision of the music on the film is a collaborative effort between you and us. We will take into consideration your choice and suggestions of music you want to have in your wedding film.
We typically deliver the final set of images from your wedding between 15-20 days after your wedding dates. We usually present the album options to you at this time, and once we get select Images for album will take another 2-3 weeks to reach your doorstep
We usually deliver a small selection of images 8-10 days after your wedding and the entire set of wedding images 15-20 days after your wedding dates
Yes, definitely. Before we deliver you your final wedding film/Album print, we send it to you for a preview, and Only after your final approval, we finish the work and   Yes, usually allow two rounds of changes to the wedding film/Album Design. We completely understand that there is always room for changes and edits, and want to ensure that you’re absolutely happy with what you get – after all, it’s your wedding! We urge you to tell us all the changes in one go so that we can incorporate them in the first go – and leave the second round for any minor changes as needed
We use whatever it takes to get you stunning photos. We have a long list of equipment we shoot weddings with, and this includes full-frame cameras, fast lenses, all forms of off-camera lighting, remote lighting equipment, props, stands, tripods, monopods
We may  If your wedding results in terrific wedding photos (and we are sure it will!), we would love to share those pictures on our personal portfolio website and social channels as examples of great work we’ve done, so that other couples may also be inspired by your wedding. Should you specifically NOT want us to disclose your wedding photos on our personal channels, let us know beforehand there is no official policy on how to approach these situations, and there may be a middle ground we can work out.
We can only estimate the time and coverage once we have the exact dates and timings of the events. Our quote is always comprehensive and includes all costs
Yes. We do. Once we agree to the wedding, the shoot becomes our responsibility.
All these details will be included once we mail the estimate. We can mail the estimate as soon as you share your detailed plan for the wedding/shoot
We do own the copyright to the photos. We will share the terms and conditions once we agree to the shoot which will have detailed explanations of these.