Wedding Photography in Bangalore

When the immaculate details of your Lehenga are captured in a photograph you can’t stop yourself from uploading the photo to create a hype over your Instagram feed. Without you realizing that your to-be-husband is watching you, Dinesh Boiri will capture the essence of the moment and you can devour that feeling later. The choreographed poses feel very mundane and sometimes do not allow you to try something out of the box and be a spontaneous being you are. But, when Dinesh Boiri is your Wedding Photographer he will blend around so well that you won’t even feel like he is ordering you to pose or behave in a certain way. He will get all your expressions and observe your quirks to make sure he clicks at the right time. Let it be you rolling your eyes or being a slay queen or your husband making you laugh with his jokes Dinesh Boiri will capture it all. 

Choose your interest

Here you will see a bunch of Candid Photographs of couples. Wedding Photography and Videography is offered in our Wedding Packages. Also, here you can see the incredible Pre-Wedding Photoshoot. Skim through the pictures and decide to get yours! We got you covered.

People about my work

About Dinesh

He is a Professional Candid Wedding Photographer in Bangalore and he has been doing this since the year 2013. Yes! You may say that he got a nudge from Bunny, a character from the film Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which was released in the same year. Dinesh says in response that "Well, I was definitely humming to the songs, okay! But, my journey of being your Candid Wedding Photographer began way earlier"

What started as his passion project in his college days is now converted into something which he pursues a living. 

More About Dinesh


You are looking for a photographer filled up with a passion to savour moments. Then D will sort things out for you. You know you have already invested in your attire and the venue. But, when you will invest in a good photographer you are never gonna regret it. 

We know that the Millennial generation wants to get all the pictures which are perfect. Dinesh the Best Candid photographer in Bangalore has been doing this since he was in college and was pursuing Graduation in Computer Science. He has done great wedding photoshoots earlier. Also, have collaborated with industrial professionals. 

The best thing about Dinesh Boiri is his attention to details and then producing amazing albums. If you are looking for the top wedding photographers in Bangalore who could capture the affable moments shared between you and your folks Dinesh Boiri is the photographer you can count on. 

We offer two packages which are Couple Shoot and Wedding Shoot. You can grab either of them or even both. In the Couple Shoot, I can do an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot of you both with unique props. You can come up with your own ideas, let me know what location is in your mind and the rest leave it to your favorite  wedding photographer

If you are opting for the Wedding Shoot you get the download of the whole well-edited candid pictures along with some incredible videos which will make an irreplaceable nook in your heart. 

Want to know how his style of work is? 

He would love to visit your D-Day and he hopes that you will allow him to eat that Gulab-Jamun he craves for. 

For any queries of wedding photography packages in Bangalore, Say Hello to Dinesh.

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