Megha & Sumit | Pre Wedding

Pre-Wedding Photographer in  Bangalore | When Megha and Sumit contact me for pre-wedding photoshoot, they didn’t have a clear picture of how or where we wanted it to be. The only thing they were certain about was that they were looking for pictures that weren’t conventional and reflected our real selves. So, We decide to do Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Element Resot , Bangalore. Then we decide to go with pre-wedding theme and they loved the concept

“I always thought that pre-wedding photoshoots were all about picture-perfect poses, exquisite clothes and flawless makeup. But, working with Dinesh Boiri, I realized I was so wrong! This turned out to be more of a getaway than an orchestrated shoot. We took the time to relax before the Pre-Wedding and had the entire journey documented Our looks were mostly casual but I did take three dramatic outfits! Shooting with Dinesh Boiri and his team was a great Experience”  | Pre-Wedding Photographer in  Bangalore

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