How to Look Photogenic On Wedding Day

Long after the event and a few years later, photographs are the best things to rewind those beautiful wedding memories. Therefore your look on your wedding day is most important to capture stunning photographs. Being a candid wedding photographer, I will suggest a few top tips to look photogenic on wedding day. 

Top Tips to Look Photogenic on Wedding Day

  • Choose Photogenic Makeup
Marriages photography in bangalore dinesh boiri | How to Look Photogenic On Wedding Day

Certain Cosmetic effects and over makeup reflects in your photographs. Also, Few shades of the foundation cause a washout look of the bride and also some colours of lipstick look different in photographs. It is best advised that minimum makeup can be the best option and choose your makeup wisely that really suits you. You can ask your makeup artist to be simple and make sure that your look must be photogenic on the occasion.  

  • Have a Makeup Trial

Sometimes your wedding day makeup looks good as a person but it does not reflect in the same way on the camera. If you have not done makeup before, it is the best idea to book a makeup trial before the wedding day to avoid on time disappointment. Makeup plays an important role in how to look photogenic on wedding day. Asked your makeup artist to dress up you in the same way as going to be done on your wedding day and clicked some photographs to check it suits the camera or not. 

  • Hairstyle Trial
wedding photographers bangalore dinesh boiri | How to Look Photogenic On Wedding Day

Your hairstyle plays an important role in wedding photography. Don’t wait till the wedding day for how it looks to be, Ask your hairstylist to do a trial run of your wedding day hairstyle. Click some pictures and check how it looks in photographs, once you have finalized it. Make it on the wedding day. Also, while making up a hairstyle make sure that your hairs keep off your face. Your face must be visible for clear and beautiful photographs. 

  • Work on Your Posture to Look Photogenic on Wedding Day

Many couples are shy and don’t know how to pose for photographs, like for group photos. Don’t hesitate to ask your wedding photographer for the perfect poses. Good posture helps you to look more confident and photographs also come up stunning and smart. Stand straight when every time the camera focuses on you. Keep your alignment straight, with chest push forward and by keeping your spine straight. This helps you appear taller and confident. 

  • Smile Freely and Naturally
Look Photogenic on Wedding Day

A simple smile makes any photograph stunning and beautiful. A bright, natural smile is always photogenic. Book an appointment with a dentist before the wedding and clean your teeth if required to make sure it will look clean and white on wedding day. You can also practice smiling in front of a mirror if you want. Make sure it comes naturally on your wedding day. Do not fake with a smile, photographs are a lifetime memory for you, be natural and beautiful, smile with eyes make photographs amazing.

These are some tips to make your wedding photography stunning and amazing. With some planning and practices you can adopt the techniques to how to pose for photos. Nowadays candid wedding photographers do not ask you for poses as they capture your candid and natural moment but smile and posture play an important role in candid photography as well.