Divya & Sunder | Wedding

Divya and Sunder got married at Sri Ayyappa Puja Sangam, Coimbatore. It’s one of the sweetest Tamil weddings we have ever had the privilege of photographing. Couples has very much in love, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Everything you need for an awesome wedding

Tambrahm wedding have a special touch of emotion, culture and fun. The element of a Tambrahm wedding is its music. . Some of the best classical musicians are hired who sit in one corner and semi conduct the whole event literally. The Carnatic music is eventually believed to touch the heart and soul of every Tambrahm.

Tamil Brahmin Wedding rituals are one of the oldest followed wedding rituals in the world  .The whole mandapam is filled especially with aunties and young girls who are dressed up in bright silk sarees and of course! The malipoo or Jasmine flower which is tied to their hair completes the picture. The uncles and young guys are dressed up in a typical dhoti and a kurta or a shirt. The Brahmins are too dedicated to gold jewellery the wedding rituals lasts for upto 2-3 days and all of them are some beautiful vibrant and colourful customs. It consists of lots of rituals and pre-post wedding ceremonies Likes Kashi Yatra , oonjal , muhurtham , Kanyadan etc.

The South Indian tradition of Kashi Yatra is performed where the groom has to pretend as if he is leaving to Kashi to become sanyasi. But the bride’s father hold and his hand and tries to convince him to not go for sanyasam and get married. After this, the groom is supposed to head to the marriage hall where the bride’s family welcomes him. Oonjal Ceremony the bride and groom are made to sit on a wooden swing, where the women in the house sing traditional songs and celebrate. The bride and groom are offered banana dipped in a milk as a part of the tradition. During the wedding (Muhurtham), the bride is made to sit on her father’s lap. The groom ties the mangalsutra with three knots and they are considered as wedded husband and wife

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